Godfather Marketing ™, the most enjoyable way to conduct business

     1. a male godparent.
     2. a man who is influential in a movement or organization, through providing support for it or through playing a leading or innovatory part in it.
as in: “the godfather of alternative comedy”

Godfather Marketing ™ is a fun, new approach to marketing.

To put it in the simplest words, being a godparent to someone means that you are willing to do anything for them while expecting nothing in return. If you view your clients/customers this way, while realizing profit is not a dirty word, you cannot lose.

I don’t like gangsters but I do love movies about them 

Godfather Marketing™ is about having fun.

If you are having fun with your message and offer, your target audience will to. People spend billions of dollars each year to be entertained. Almost everyone loves TV and Movies and other forms of entertainment. If you can offer them the same calibre entertainment with your marketing, everyone will soak it up. Let other people be boring, create a brand and marketing theme that you enjoy and so will the people like you. These people with similar interests and likes will be your best clients!