Godfather Marketing™ Bullet Point #2godfather-marketing-bullet-point-2
Treat your customers like they are one of ‘la Familia’.
Always give everyone the Hook-Up! Stop watching the numbers and start making a pack of people that will have your back no matter what. That’s the only real guaranty there is in business or in life!
Treating clients or potential customers exactly like you would a good friend or family member has so many benefits. First, they will feel important and know that you care. Boom, you just did something that none of your competition does well.
Next, you will not be in ‘selling mode’ which is spotted from across the parking lot.
Fact: Everyone thinks they are a slick salesman and nobody is.
The other thing you will notice is that when you are not focused on selling but rather on listening and caring, dazzling them will be easy. Most of us never get that sort of personal attention even from our spouses nowadays. This will gain trust and they will be so glad to buy from you. When they do, don’t let them down. Hook ’em up!
*Godfather Marketing does not condone violence in any way.