Godfather Marketing™ Bullet Point #3godfather-marketing-bullet-point-3
Make ’em an offer they can’t refuse!
Do you have an offering for your prospects? Do you give them anything of value before they buy? We are not talking about that ‘5 things you need to know’ crap or whatever other supposed  ‘Marketers’ are telling you this week. We are talking about something actually valuable.
What would you give to your Aunt or Grandkid if they came in to your place of business. It can be something simple, just think about what would make someone happy and then give more so that you make them ecstatic. Reciprocity is a human nature feeling and they will want or feel compelled to do something for you. We assume you are not a scumbag, so do not start out thinking about the reciprocity principal. You will fail. Truly thinking about making them grin ear to ear, maybe even laugh. You goal should be to get a hug before they leave, not a sale.
*Godfather Marketing does not condone violence in any way.