Godfather Marketing™ Bullet Point #5

Roach Motel’s famous tagline is “Roaches check in, but they don’t check out!” ~ The same goes for your customers!

Most business owners and marketers are so focused on building their lists and getting new customers, that they lose focus on the ones they already have. Cable companies always baffle me by how poorly they treat the existing subscribers compared to new one. “Oh sorry, that special is only for new subscribers.” They also hike up the rate about every 6 months or so and leave it up to their client to call up to complain and select a new plan. How about showing appreciation for loyalty?godfather-marketing-bullet-point-5


At Godfather Marketing, we see it differently. Treat the people who already buy from you like royalty and you will not continually need new clients. When you think about the lifetime value of your customer (if you do not know this number, you should!), it is much less expensive to keep them happy and buying more than to go out and try to find new ones. Don’t get me wrong, I love marketing and am fascinated by every aspect of it, especially getting new people excited about your product or service. I just love delivering amazing results and new offers even more!

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