Everybody starts with PRICE:
“What does Godfather Marketing Cost?”Godfather Marketing ™ Price
In order to be completely open and up front, we usually use a “How much you got?” approach. Not like the sleazy bulling car repair guy slapping a big wrench in his hand, but more like a buddy going in on a pizza with you kind of thing.
Client A. has a $50,000 a month budget for marketing, we will develop a strategy based on that budget.
Client B. only has $5,000 a year to spend, that strategy is going to look much different.
Client C. is not up to that stage yet, no worries, BigBadWebsites or Powerhouse Group can help them grow until they are ready for the higher level.
I can tell you that a quick and painless phone call or email exchange with us will leave you knowing a lot more than you do right now and it won’t cost you a dime (or anything).
We like to give value up front whether you want to use us or not.
If you see a stranger fall down in the street, you help them up. It is just the right thing to do. Most people’s marketing that we look at is a much worse situation than laying down in the street with cars swerving, so we help you out a bit. It doesn’t cost us much to give you some free knowledge and it makes us feel good. We are good people, you might say that at Godfather Marketing™ we are GoodFellas.
Godfather marketing final note:
Whether you use us or anyone else, start looking at marketing as an investment and not a cost.
If you knew a stock was going to go up for sure, you would buy all of it that you could, right?
Aren’t you sure that you are going to be more and more successful?
If you knew that every dollar spent in marketing was going to return $2 or $10 or even more, wouldn’t you spend as much as you could?
So stop throwing money out trying different things and make sure that your marketing is a sure thing (or as much as possible).