marketing ideasEveryone has ideas, but some are just better than others. Joe Polish of Genius Network™ and Piranha Marketing calls these better ideas Elegant Ideas. One elegant idea could perform better than hundreds of good ideas. Here at Godfather Marketing™, we like to call them Magic Bullets or Smokin’ Ideas. No matter what you call them, they are game changers. They can help you scale your business like nothing else can.

We offer Magic Bullets in two forms, Standard or Custom.

Standard Bullets are proven methods to help every business see exponential growth. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to fill the seats in your stadium or selling an online coarse, a standard bullet will work and it will be easy. Our famous 10 X 10 has helped businesses double their bottom line in one year!

On the other hand, not all problems are solved with one-size-fits-all solutions. If you need a custom solution or Smoking Idea, we will set up a series of calls or meeting and delve deep.

smokin-ideasAre ideas guaranteed? NO! Our ideas are time tested methods and strategies that have been proven over and over but we can not guaranty that you will use them. If you would like a refund, that is no problem, if we didn’t provide value worth 10 times the cost, then we don’t deserve your money. Since you cannot forget the information that you learned, we would ask that we not do future business together after refunds are issued.


Looking to grow, get over a hurdle or solve a problem, let’s chat for 8 minutes or less.