You want your business to make more money?

You’re speaking to the right man. That can be arranged. But I need to warn you, success comes at a price.

Marketing is tough.

Not because it requires huge amounts of creativity, but because it calls you to make hard decisions, set a course, and stick to it.

You’ll need to decide who you are, what you offer, whom you serve, what problems you solve, and then get clear about exactly why you can solve those problems better than any of the alternatives.

Is there a step-by-step process you can work through to make these hard choices?

You bet there is! Do most businesses go through that process? Nope! You can be sure that most of your competitors haven’t done the hard work in this area – and that’s an opportunity for you (if you’re ready to step up and do the work).

When you have the basics sorted, you’ll need to make sure you’re doing all the basic things right, and that is a bigger challenge than it seems. Where will you find a steady stream of prospects? How will you get in touch with them? What needs to happen for them to be convinced that your offer is the best? How can you make it easy for them to say yes?

Again, there is plenty of best practice here to draw on. When you have your campaign figured out, you need to keep showing up, keep cranking the handle, and gathering intelligence on how well each piece is working. Then you can optimize, making incremental changes and testing how well they work, so you can keep the improvements and ditch the failures.

Is this rocket science? No.

It is easy? No.

Can you do it? Yes, you can.

You’ll either need huge amounts of self-belief, knowledge, and discipline… or you’ll need a Godfather who can help coach and guide you along the path.

If you need me, you know where I am.