Godfather Marketing™ Bullet Point #4

What would you do if you had a gun to your head and you had to make a sale or die?

If you put yourself in that position (mentally vision it, don’t be an idiot and take me literally) who would you do. Basically, you have one shot and it absolutely has to work. If you think in terms of it must happen instead of I sort of hope it works, then magic will happen. You will think about your marketing more strategically. A little extra effort up front will return ten times results on the back end.

If you had a gun to your head, you would get creative and come up with an approach that would keep you alive. You need to do it in order to keep your business not only alive, but thriving! Sit down with a blank notebook and a pen and close your eyes and put yourself in the critical thinking survival style modality. What comes to mind? Start jotting down every idea. You will be surprised how many things come to mind. Just keep jotting them down so you have them to think about later, but freely dismiss them as soon as you realize that you wouldn’t bet your life on them. Keep going until that aha moment strikes and you know you will live to market another day!

Feel free to leave some of your ideas in the comments and I will read them all.
*Godfather Marketing does not condone violence in any way.